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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Online Dating Experience.

We highly recommend posting a good quality photo of yourself. Ideally, you should upload several, showing you in activities that you like to participate in as well as photos of you in casual settings. Do you like fine dining? Do you like hiking? Do you like traveling? Well, have someone take a few photos of you participating in things you love to do. Additionally, don't forget to smile in your photos. If you're smiling, you're projecting an image of being approachable. If you're grumpy looking, you are going to attract mean and grumpy people. Remember, quality photos along with your written profile are your biggest assets in attracting the right people online. Profiles with good quality photos and completely filled out profiles get a tremendous amount of responses as compared to no photos and incomplete profiles. Besides, people will feel more comfortable contacting you if they have a good idea who you are.

Your profile should be your main selling piece. Be positive and honest in your profile description, as negativity for most people is a turnoff. Be truthful; try not to exaggerate your achievements or brag about your possessions. Another thing to avoid in your profile is: telling your life story. Keep it simple and avoid too many details about your past. Try not to get too carried away with your profile. Remember you're not writing a book and exposing every deep dark secret for all to see. Be honest with yourself and be honest about who you are seeking as a potential date. If you're looking for a long-term relationship or if you just want to date or if you just want a friend -- say it in your profile. Most likely, people who are in the same frame of mind will contact you, if they feel a connection emanating from your profile.

Lastly, run your profile through spell check in your word processor or run spell check online. It will help you correct the basic grammatical and spelling mistakes. It's free, cheap and easy and you are going to leave a lasting impression with anyone who reads your profile.  

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